So we had another idea (there’s a theme developing here).

What if you put a GoPro (camera) on a GT Aggressor (mountain bike) and bomb it down the biggest hill on Cumbrae and THEN edit in some facts about the island?

You’d have a wee advert for the island wouldn’t you?

So that’s what we did. Have a swatch:

Level 4 East

GT 28 to GT 42

Lecture Theatre 1 & 2

Computer Labs 6, 7, 8 & 9


Level 4 West

Computer Labs 1 to 6

Skills Labs 1, 2, 3 and 4

GT 26, GT 27, GT 43, GT 44 and GT 45

Business and Computing Office

Health, Nursing and Midwifery Office


Level 3


Mac Lab

GT 12, GT 14, GT 15, GT 16 and GT 25

Art Studio 1 & 2

Creative and Cultural Office

Education Office

Science Labs


Level 2 East

Student Union


Bank Machine

GT 1 to GT 10

Post Graduate Research Room

Research Lab

Bioscience Lab


Level 2 West

Radio Suites

ICT Store Room

Print Room


Level 1

Performance Studios 1 and 2

Music Studios 1 to 10

The Gym

Lecture Theatre 3

Toilets and Showers

TV Studios 1 and 2

NOTE: This will not apply to Android users (See ICT Department on Level 4)

To access the WiFi system on smart phones (Not Andriod)

  1. Select settings
  2. Select wifi networks
  3. Select blue arrow on student wifi
  4. At Proxy settings at the bottom select manual
  5. Enter
  6.  And 9090
  7. Leave the authentication at ‘Off’.

Go back to Wireless and select ‘Student’.

You should get an authentication request.

Select ‘Accept’.

This should now allow you to access the WiFi System.

Username: Banner Number

Password: Your Password

BBC Radio Scotland

Back in 2013, I was lucky enough to write and coproduce with The Comedy Unit on four comedy monologues for BBC Radio Scotland’s, The Culture Studio.

You can listen to them here:

‘Number 29 to Stockbridge’

‘Second Post’

‘School Run’

‘A Walk To The Shops’


Traveling Voices


The first production of its kind in the UK, Traveling Voices, based within Glasgow Central Station allows commuters to hear historical information about the interesting life of the Station.

I designed this production as part of my final submission for my honours degree at UWS to help answer the questions of:

Who built the station?

Who has passed through the station?

And what’s the relationship of the station with the city?

All these questions are answered through this innovative delivery of historical information via a QR Code.


UWS MAT: Multilingual Audio Tour

The new Ayr campus of the University of the West of Scotland is modern, fresh and has four levels of twisting and connecting corridors.

With this in mind they asked me to create an audio map of the campus.

Supported by the campus WiFi system I created a multilingual audio guide that students and visitors can access, via their mobile internet devices, to find their way around the campus in their respective language.

The services offers three languages: English, German and Spanish (reflecting the demographic of the student body).

It also gives the user the option of ‘Audio Only’ (data light) or ‘Audio With Pictures’ (data heavy) to better aid their navigation and bandwidth requirements.


Philiphaugh Audio Guide

The Philiphaugh Salmon Centre asked me to create for them an infrastructure to support their preexisting audio tour.